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Orbis Terrarum

Orbis Terrarum
Distribución de Equipos

Equipment Distribution

Orbis Terrarum is the exclusive distributor in Spain of two instruments for monitoring material compaction and for soil investigation. All this equipment is commonly used in the rest of Europe.

Sol Solution Lightweight dynamic penetrometer PANDA2

Lightweight dynamic penetrometer with a continuous data recording and a specific software for interpretation and analysis.

This equipment was created in France in 1992, where it is widely used and has replaced the Gamma densitometer method for monitoring material compaction.

This method has its own French Standard NF P 94-105.

Its main applications are:

» Monitoring compaction of fills in earthworks, trenches: It can recognize multiple layers in a single measurement and analyze the compaction degree by specific reference Proctor test curves for each material.

» Investigation of soils up to 4 meters deep: Determination of resistance to penetration and bearing capacity of the tested terrain. Example of monitoring compaction test.

Example of monitoring compaction test.pdf pdf orbis
Example of investigation of soils.pdf pdf orbis
PANDA in 5 points.pdf pdf orbis
Article INGEOPRESS Dic 2009.pdf pdf orbis
XP P94 105 Measuring compaction quality. Method using variable energy dynamic penetrometer.pdf pdf orbis

Zorn Light Drop-Weight Deflectometer ZFG3000 and ZFG 3.0

Distribution of the Light Drop-Weight Deflectometers: ZFG 3000 and ZFG 3.0 from the German Company ZORN.

Light drop-weight deflectometer with total automatic measurement of dynamic modulus Evd (which has an equivalence with static modulus EV2). Measurement supplement of 'in situ' CBR and Lab. CBR

It has been used in Germany for 35 years and has been spread worldwide with thousands of units sold, coming to replace the old plate bearing test because of its speed, lightness and reliability.

This method has its own German and Spanish Standard 103807-2:2008 UNE.

Its main applications and features are:

» Quality control: subgrades for roads and railway platforms.

» Easy handling, no additional load vehicle is neccessary, one man handling, multiple tests in a short time, immediate evaluation (indication of the dynamic forming module on the display, print out of one or more test records directly at the building site).

Light drop-weight deflectometer uses.pdf pdf orbis
ZFG 3000 German, English.pdf pdf orbis
Supplementary User Manual Dynamic CBR-Test pdf orbis
Instruction for the determination of the dynamic CBR value using the Light Drop Weight Tester pdf orbis

Anix The electronic plate bearing tester AX 01

Distribution of The electronic plate bearing tester AX 01 from the German Company.

The electronic plate bearing tester AX 01 allows to determine(according to several European and American standards):

»The bearing capacity and the deformability of soils very easily.

»By applying and releasing the load on the soil repetitively the load-settlement curve.

»The strain moduls Ev1 and Ev2.

»The modulus of subgrade reaction

With its waterproof case, outside lying buttons and an illuminated display the electronic device can also be used under bad environmental circumstances.

Test certificates can already be printed at the building site.

The results of the inspection can be saved on an SD-card for further treatment on the PC.

Applications of the electronic plate bearing tester AX 01.pdf pdf orbis

Consoil Settlement line control equipment

The settlement line control equipment is manufactured by the Swedish company CONSOIL.

Data acquisition up to 150 m long with high-quality accuracy, data downloading in Excel and several computers using a simple application without special licenses.

Applications: settlement ground control, directional drillings and underground pipes situation.

The main advantages are:

» Simple, economic and fast installation of previous elements. Land levelling not required as other methods.

» Auxiliary elements are situated underground, so data acquisition is not influenced by site scheduling.

» Simple, flexible and fast data acquisition after making a short course on site.

» Reliable and precise data acquisition, with and accuracy lower than 5 mm.

Ingeopres May 2012. pdf orbis