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Orbis Terrarum
Ingeniería Geotécnica

Geotechnical Services

Geotechnical Engineering

Since its stablishement, Orbis Terrarum has been distinguished for its work in geotechnical engineering, providing solutions to any engineering project.

For this purpose, we have a specific branch of technical specialists in the calculation and design of geotechnical solutions.

Our services support all phases of a project, from preliminary design through completion of the construction phase, including:


» Advising the client on the structural  and economic viability of  a project from the point of view of the terrain.

» Determining geotechnical  characteristics of soil or rock and their behavior during and after construction through the interpretation of these data and recommendation of design parameters.

» Observing   the   behavior   of   the   ground   during   construction   and   proposing   new   designs   and recommendations adapted to the changes that may be needed.

Our services include:


» Subsurface exploration and testing (boreholes, trial pits, dynamic penetrometer, geophysics ...).

» In-situ tests.

» Sampling of soils and rocks.

» Laboratory testing of samples.

» Geological and hydrogeological studies.

» Reuse of soils and rocks.

» Geotechnical design:

• Earthworks, embankments, fills.
• Slope stability and optimization
• Retaining systems
• Foundations analysis and design
• Dynamic analysis of soil
• Ground reinforcement: ground anchors, micropiles, geogrids
• Soil treatment: injections, stabilization of soils
• Underpinning
• Finite element modeling

» Geotechnical design for special works:

• Tunnels.
• Dams.
• Industrial plants.
• Transport: roads, railways.
• Quarries and mines.