Hydraulics and Hydrology

Hydraulics and Hydrology

Hydraulic Modeling

At Orbis we are aware that good hydrological planning is key to the safety and durability of civil works projects. For this reason, we have a specialized department, with qualified personnel and extensive experience in the management of hydrological risks and the design of hydraulic infrastructures.

Engineers in the Orbis Hydraulics and Hydrological Department are specialists in hydraulic simulation, enabling them to develop models and assess risks in all types of situations.

In this way, Orbis provides its clients with the maximum possible information for the correct design of their projects, delimiting the flood contours and carrying out a detailed analysis of the water depths and flow velocities registered in the study area, evaluating the risk of flooding on the projected infrastructure and designing solutions to mitigate it.

Among the services we offer are::

» Hydrological and Flooding studies.

» Flood modeling.

» Evaluation, management and control of flood risks.

» Dimensioning and design of drainage networks in civil works (highways, train rails, photovoltaic plants, wind farms, etc.)

» Dimensioning and design of mitigation works (protection specks, infiltration ponds, lamination-dissipation basins, etc.

» Analysis of the erosive potential in soils.