Geotechnical laboratory

Orbis Terrarum certificated laboratory offers services in the performance of tests in the areas of Geotechnics (soils, rocks and soil and water aggressiveness), Roads (aggregate and asphalt) and concrete (Testing fresh and hardened concrete, aggregate for concrete and water analysis for mixing).
See tests list (pdf).

In addition, the laboratory also performs works at construction site such as the control of concrete and mortar quality or develops in situ tests as load tests with dynamic or static plate, control of soil compaction with a dynamic penetrometer of variable energy or the determination of field density of soils by the sand replacement method.

The Laboratory has a Declaration of Responsibility for the Control of the Quality of the Building in the areas of GTL, GTC, VS, EHA and AMC and is registered in the General Register of the CTE, Section 5-1. General Registry of Testing Laboratories for Building Quality: RG.LECCE - MAD-L-057, fulfilling the conditions established in Royal Decree 410/2010, of March 31st.The laboratory activity is divided into six basic work areas which may be combined in order to achieve the aims of the work.

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