Steel Corrosion

Steel Corrosion Assessment

Based on the training and experience of Orbis Terrarum’s Corrosion Engineers in soil-steel and atmosphere-steel corrosion studies, the services offered by the Corrosion Department are:

corrosión catódica

Corrosion of buried metallic structures:

  1. Technical inspection of corrosion in metallic structures
  2. Specialized laboratory for soil and water corrosion testing.
  3. Measurement of metallic coating thickness.
  4. Determination of the root cause of corrosion.
  5. In situ and laboratory measurements of corrosion potentials and rates (microns/year).

Predictive and Preventive Planning:

  1. Detailed mapping of corrosive potential and corrosion rate of the photovoltaic plant.
  2. Identification of critical areas.
  3. Corrosion monitoring plans. Actions at 3, 5, and 10 years.
  4. Advisory on the selection of corrosion-resistant materials: metals, metallic, and organic coatings.
  5. Study of the evolution of corrosion products from metallic coatings over time and durability.
  6. Assessment on preventive measures and mitigation of corrosion problems.

Atmospheric studies:

  1. Technical inspection of atmospheric corrosion in metallic structures.
  2. Measurement of thicknesses of metallic coatings.
  3. On-site studies with wire-on-bolt devices (ASTM G116-99).
  4. On-site studies with exposure tables of specimens (ISO 9223, ISO 9224, ISO 9226).
  5. Bibliographic atmospheric corrosion studies (ISO 9223, ISO 9224, ISO 9226).
  6. Climatic chamber: Accelerated tests in the laboratory.